What is the impact of gender on design practice?

As the living style of both gender have no clear differences in the modern society, many products have been designed for not only for female but also for male in the market. However, there are still some specific product that is particularly designed for man to use, for example the shaver; and other specific product that is only design for the female is the sanitary napkin.

Before the product launches into the market, the design of the product will have to be changed many times to make it more suitable to the consumers. Although some people would say that it is a stereotype to use colour to identify different genders, it is still the truth that female is much easier to be appealed by lighter colour whereas male is more willing to buy the product with dark colour. According to Khouw (2012), “St. George (1938) maintained that blue for men stands out far more than for women. An even earlier study by Jastrow (1897) found men preferred blue to red and women red to blue”.  Through the result, to sell the product fit man and women, brands would consider to use different colour and design on the packaging in same product. For instance, one of the product that Braun Company has is shaver, the designer have designed it into two different kinds of appearances and colours in this product. Shaver for female has been designed into rounded shape and the edges curve is also more rounded and the colour has been chosen pink and white. In contrast, the shaver for male user have been designed into more blocky shape, the edge is more like sharp edges, and the colour that designer chose for this shaver are black and silver.


“During the last two centuries, the definitions of gender were bounded by increasingly blurred lines (Zoi, 2013).” As I mentioned in the first paragraph, owing to the changes of growing background, there is not such a big different fascination between men and women. Many fashion brands start to sell the clothing that is designed for both genders and it successfully hit into the market of younger generation. For instance, there is a brand called BOY LONDON, their famous T-shirts and sweat is really popular for not only boys but girls. The cutting of the clothes are suitable for everyone and people can choose different size to show their own style.

In conclusion, depends on the product the brands want to sell, the business plan will adjust a little bit to decide if they want to target their audience that is only focus on one gender or they want their products being neutral and attract both of the groups.




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