As I start to write these four blogs, I have realized more about the topic that was chosen by me. It is actually hard for me in the beginning to do the research on the and also being critically about it. Normally, I considered blog as a place to express personal emotions not commenting on things. However, writing these blogs have helped me learned something and makes me think about and realise the subjects deepen.
In the first blog, as the sustainable issue is becoming more important in design process, I have searched the difference between Polyester and PLA. Through doing the research on these two materials, I have realized more on what it good and what is bad for the environment and human society as well. In my opinion, as a designer, he or she should understand each material well and know what problems it may cause before starting to use them into their design. What designers should do is not only focusing on the product or design but also care about the process while producing it.
As the designer, we have to think about what gender of customers our product is targeting. Through writing the second blog, I realised that we have to have clear idea on the products and also the need to research on our target audience. Products are designed to sell, to suit customers’ desires. We need to think about the concept, the shape and every angle that make customers want to own the products. Is the product we designed fit in two different gender or we only focusing in one particular type. Writing this blog also makes me think more than just about gender issue, it is the issue about which kind of people who we want them to have our products, and this is why we designed them.
To keep writing on the last two blogs, I realise that as a designer, we have to have the flexibility on combining different aspects of different thinking, no matter is the culture or the habits. To listen to what consumers’ needs and wants is very important and this is the key to make a design success.
If I am going to continue on writing the blog, I would like to search for every different aspect in detail as much as possible and analyse them, not only on the gender or the culture. It is believed that understand markets more will help me develop well in my design career. Moreover, I would want to look at some big brands more and how they promoting themselves and their marketing strategies. How they touched consumers’ feeling and succeed in the global markets. Do these companies considered about sustainable issue and how does it works. I believed it will help me develop the integrated skills in design.


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